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all i need paintbrushes

Further progress is made...

Just a quick post... I started painting as soon as I got home and just finished up not that long ago. Now I have to go eat, then order my parent's outfits for their 50th anniversary party, then start designing their freaking invites. *sigh* I'd much rather paint some more, this time on the landscape. I have so been neglecting that. I seem to be tackling it one small itsy bit at a time. But I'm mapping things out in my head and I think I'm almost ready to tackle the next itsy bit. :-) I'm such a nutcase!

I have a possible new portrait idea brewing in my head. And I am eagerly awaiting the photos from Randy and Rae Ann's wedding Friday. (Yes, the two are related...) Still can't believe I survived being a wedding photographer. This was just a super small casual celebration which I agreed to photograph for a close friend and the stress nearly killed me. All I kept thinking was that 20 years from now, my photos would be (mostly) how she remembered her wedding. Oh no, that's not stress, NOT AT ALL... *snort* How the hell do actual photographers do it?? Especially at the larger, more formal ceremonies?? I'd be snorting valium just to make it through.

Okay... anyway, here's the latest progress pic of the painting for the office. I am pleased to say she no longer resembles a woman from work - that was freaking me out. Did not intend that AT ALL.

Okay, dinner beckons. Ciao!