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August 19th, 2008

all i need paintbrushes


I think the past week is finally catching up with me.  I just bitched out a poor Sam's Club woman on the phone.  Oh!  Let me clarify, I called her re: an order I placed - it wasn't business related, so I can't get my ass fired over it.  :-)  But still... that's not like me.  And I'm so damn tired today.  I haven't been getting to bed until midnight or later every night.  And now gmail won't let me change my aunt's email address - well, it says it's changed, but it's showing the old one.  And f'ing Word 2007 won't let me put bullet points in the minutes.  I'm ready to SCREAM!

My mom moved up to the rehab floor yesterday, which is excellent progress for her.  I had to run home and pack some clothes for her to use up there, then I headed to the hospital.  When I got there, I found out that my dad had gone out to the cabin to grab the porta-potty and would be staying the night.  You know, he's been so good, staying at the hospital with her all day every day and even stayed the night the other night, so it was actually good that he got a break.  On the other hand, I had been hoping to leave a bit earlier last night and run a few errands.  Oh well.  I ended up staying with Mom until she fell asleep, which was about 9:30.  They also gave her a sleeping pill, so I'm praying that she was able to get some good, decent quality sleep.  She needs it.

Mom has a harder time at night.  She gets really spooked out and gets a tad on the loopy side, which I think is mostly due to meds and being so sleepy and exhausted by the end of the day.  She's mostly with it, but as she gets more and more tired, she starts coming up with some funny stuff.  And thinking she can do stuff that she clearly can't.  Last night she tried to tell me that she thought she could make it to the bathroom on her own.  I was like, "No, Mom, you need two nurses to help you do that."  *g*  She's doing good, but she's not that good yet!  (I have to admit, I'm glad they have bed alarms, just in case she does try to do something in the middle of the night while half asleep!)

Oh, and at one point, she was drifting off while I was standing next her, when I heard her mutter, "Destroy it."  Then she opens her eyes and looks me right in the eye, saying with a sense of urgency, "Destroy it!"  I asked her what I needed to destroy.  "Destroy the stuff on your computer!"  So I told her I would.  "Do it now while you have the chance!"  So I told her I didn't have my computer here, but that I would when I got home.  LOL!  

Dad will be back home today, so I think he'll pull the late shift with her tonight.  I could stand to get out early and run a few errands, do the wash, maybe eat dinner before 11 pm.  :-)  She should be quite exhausted.  She starts what they call boot camp today.  She'll be worked hard, poor thing.

Okay, better sign off and get back to work.  I'm going to try to not think about the Sam's Club thing - my laptop, which STILL has not shipped yet!  Only an hour to go, then I can escape for 30 minutes for my lunch break.  Yay!

all i need paintbrushes

Landscape Study

 I wanted to post a picture of the landscape study I did in an art class I took week before last.  The class was from 6:30 to 9:00 every night that week and I had a blast and learned a lot.  I'm dying to take another!  Anyway, the first picture is the photo I used as a reference and the second photo is the actual study.  For just a quick study, I'm really happy with it.  I've got it hanging at work, but I really must buy a frame for it soon!