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Jun. 8th, 2008

all i need paintbrushes

Update on sketch

So, just posting the latest picture of the sketch I've been working on. Here it is:

Have finally started on my landscape. Just the sky and water so far. Oh heck, here's a pic of that, too:

Good news? I get my cortisone shot first thing Monday morning. Bad news? I get my cortisone shot first thing Monday morning. :-) While I still wholeheartedly believe that there is something very wrong and unnatural in shoving that big a needle into someone's joint, I'm very grateful for it. It'll make painting (oh yeah, and work) much easier.

Bad news? I have to go back to work. Last week was just crazy. Good news? I only work six hours Monday then I am taking Thursday and Friday off. YES! Thank God for my birthday. :-)

Jun. 4th, 2008

all i need paintbrushes

Blah, blah, blah...

You know, I'm finding it quite helpful to take a picture of my sketch and what I'm sketching side by side, then studying the photo. I'm finding stuff I didn't notice otherwise. I'll have to remember this.

Okay, must get back to work. It's flippin' insane here. Having just moved and now being on two floors... ARGH! Tomorrow, the phone lady will be here to show me all the bells and whistles and set things up. I'm hoping some of the bells and whistles will help me out with my job. *prays hard*

Jun. 3rd, 2008

all i need paintbrushes

Current progress on latest drawing

I started a brief sketch on Saturday and decided to work on it some more tonight. Here's a picture of it so far:

I've still got a lot of work to do, but it's progressing nicely, I think. Alicia, I know you wanted a copy of the ad, I'll take a picture and email it to you later. Promise!

Now that I've posted it, I'm going to go back upstairs and finish watching a design show I recorded. I spent the night watching a good four hour tv movie on the Green River Killer, then proceeded to watch about 45 minutes of "1000 Ways to Die." I need something non-violent and non-death-related (and without snakes) now! Watching designers work their magic on someone's room is just the ticket.

Jun. 2nd, 2008

all i need paintbrushes

Quick update after a looooooong day.

Today was my first day in the new building that we moved to for work. I was surrounded by boxes and chaotic mess everywhere. While I like my new space, I'll be sharing it with two other people on a part-time basis and we're all a little leery of just how well this will work. We're all convinced it won't. But oh well. At least I like the people I'll be sharing with. That helps!

After work, I ran a few errands and when I got home, I pulled out a sketch I worked on Saturday at Alicia's while she painted. I had done the initial sketch for a self-portrait that I'm painting and I decided to shade it in, etc. just for kicks. Here's a pic:

I'm still working on it a little. Taking a picture of it helped. Gave me a new look at it and I see some things (like my left eye) that I want to work on. Funny, after all that staring at it, it took looking at it in a photograph to really see how funky that left eye is. Glad I did this!

I've also messed around with mixing some paints to get an idea of what I want to do with my landscape. It's been sketched on to the canvas and I am hoping to come home one night this week and start the painting. I'm nervous since it's my first landscape, but excited. It'll be fun, once I make myself finally put paint on the canvas! And yes, I will have to make myself... *shakes head*

Off to go wind down so I can fall asleep and have sweet dreams of moving/going to art school/quitting my job/any combination of the above. *g*

May. 5th, 2008

all i need paintbrushes

Flag Day T-Shirt

So I'm sitting at work, bored out of my skull, and the phone rings. Being the receptionist, I'm forced to answer it. It's my co-worker, Stephanie, who demands to know where my Flag Day t-shirt design is.

To explain... Benny Benson, the kid who won the contest to design the Alaskan flag, was a resident at the Jesse Lee Home, which is now known as Alaska Children's Services. Yep, my place of employment. Every year on July 9th, we throw an Alaska Flag Day celebration for the community. As part of that, we have a contest for staff and students of ACS to come up with a design for a t-shirt for this event. The designs are voted on at our monthly all-staff meeting and the winning design becomes the official flag day t-shirt for that year.

I'm proud to say that, after 4.5 years, I have FINALLY submitted a design. *g* I'm such a schmuck! But I did it. There were a few rules, the nastiest being that nothing on it, not even type, could be computer generated. God help me. Anyway, my first version was a bust, but the second version... mucho better.

Here is the design:

I'm pretty happy with it. There are things I'd love to correct or redo, but hey, the deadline is past, so that's a moot point. At least I finally participated! The voting is Wednesday at noon. I love getting to see all the entries, especially the students submissions. It's so much fun.

Now that's out of the way, so I can concentrate on my second self-portrait and the landscape. WOO HOO!

Apr. 17th, 2008

all i need paintbrushes


SOB! My painting class has ended! I will miss it, I've learned so much. Just finished up a bit more of my self-portrait tonight. I'm sure I'll touch up a thing or two, but I'm fairly well done with it. Even signed it. :-) So, here it is:

And now I'm going to go celebrate by going to bed! *snicker* Yeah, not what you were probably expecting to hear, but dang, I'm exhausted! Sweet dreams to y'all!

Apr. 10th, 2008

all i need paintbrushes

So tired...

Just got home from going to see Juno at the Bear Tooth with my mom and two of my sisters. Loved that movie! And that freaking song - which I also love - is going round and round in my head with no signs of stopping. *g* So good getting to see Michael Cera and Jason Bateman again. I really miss Arrested Development. Allison Janney rocked - love it when she told off the ultrasound tech. Heheheh... I have a feeling I'll be purchasing a copy of this in the future to add to my dvd collection.

Before we left, I finally got to do that value study of the landscape I've been talking about. And I got to use one of my two new brushes. *grins like a silly puppy* It was wonderful! I did it in shades of blue, though the real thing will be in full color and much larger than this one...

Can I just say it looks better in person than in the photo??? I really should take that "Photographing your artwork" class at ARTreach later this month.

Anyway, I did this on in about 1.5 hours, though I already had it sketched up. I think I may spend some time this weekend blending and smoothing and keeping this one for myself. I actually like it done in the shades of blue! Still not sure about the tree shadow.

Anyway, it's almost 11:30 and I'm tired. Gotta hit the sack. Thank God it's Friday tomorrow. Only one more day of hell left, then the weekend. YES!

Edited to say:
I showed this to Randy this morning - the actual painting - and he liked it. Well, he did accuse me of painting a winter scene, but I did reassure him it would be a nice, sunny summer scene. *g* He did point out that the tree looked like a q-tip. Yes, I hit him, because he deserved it. :-) But he's right. It does! So I'll be fixing that, plus he also mentioned adding some additional trees to the little island on the right. That's something that I had sketched up on a different paper, so I think I will try adding them. Plus the horizon is crooked. So if y'all notice anything, feel free to let me know, please? The main reason I did this study is to correct major problems before actually attempting the real thing, so any ideas, etc. are appreciated and welcome.

Apr. 9th, 2008

all i need paintbrushes

Bob Ross - Happy Little Outtakes

Okay, here's the Bob Ross parody I mentioned in my last post. Heheheheh...
all i need paintbrushes

Artsy Update

So, class was cancelled tonight since Linda got stuck when she went home to grab her supplies. But, all was not lost, since I immediately left the museum and headed to Michael's and picked up two fabu brushes to use for my landscape, which I will be working on next. Well, besides the self-portraits. Anyway, one was a background blender and the other was a wonderful round foliage brush. And they were Bob Ross brushes, too. Oh yeah! Heheheh... I used to love to watch his program when I was a kid. Caught a few minutes of one last summer when I was in Fairbanks and got all nostalgic.

And speaking of Bob Ross... Randy and I were talking about him at work the other day and we ended up at his desk (after work) searching for him on YouTube. (Randy's addicted - the other week he had me back there for the longest time watching superbowl commercials on there. Hee!) Anyway, we came across a hysterical parody of his show. I'll be posting it after I'm done with this one. :-)

I haven't posted any updates on my portrait until now, since I've been housesitting and my damn laptop refused to let me upload pictures on it. So, I'll post the latest picture now. Everything is mostly done, except I have to touch up the background color where it got smudged off and then paint the sides the same color. I just have the base color done on the hair, so I have a lot of layering to do to fill in the rest of it. Here we go:

It's got a bit of the "stroke victim" look to it, thanks to the funky smirk I had and the lighting on my lips, but otherwise, I'm actually really happy with how it's turned out so far. This is above and beyond anything else I've ever painted.

Okay, gotta go. Got some cleaning to do before I go to bed. But if I clean tonight, I get to paint tomorrow night. Yes! And since I'll be doing a value study of my landscape, I get to use my new brushes!!! *bounces up and down like Tigger*

Mar. 26th, 2008

all i need paintbrushes

Portrait update

Had to post the latest portrait update. We worked on mixing up skin tones and started painting the portraits that we sketched out last week. I started out having color mixing issues, but finally got some skin tones going. Really need to sit down and just mix colors for a few hours. But anyway, here's the latest:

It was looking pretty funky until she showed me how to blend. You know, I don't mind paintings with the big, thick paintstrokes, etc., but when it comes to my own art, that is SO not my thing. I like the smooth, blended effect and am so happy to be getting it with this portrait. Again, loving the oil paints.

I start the first of my three house-sitting gigs this Friday. Am so looking forward to just being only 5-7 minutes away from work and then being able to go home to a quiet house (except for when Angus barks at te neighbor dog!) to do what I want... paint and watch movies! I've borrowed some movies from Randy and Sharon at work and will be lugging my painting supplies over to Stephanie's. I really need the break. I've been crawling the walls over here. Still have to make trips home, since I'm cleaning and going through all my belongings. Right now my entire wardrobe has exploded all over the family room. Not pretty.

Oh, and next month, the ArtReach event at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art that I mentioned earlier? I've picked out two or three classes that I want to take. I'll be registering for those tomorrow. Yay!

Anyway, I should sign off. I just wanted to post the picture so I could show it to a few people and especially so I could get on-line and check it out whenever I want. *g* It's going to be hard to work tomorrow; I just want to paint some more. :-)

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